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Sexy Over 50: Women Who Are Sexy and Older Than Fifty

Can women still look sexy over 50? Women spend amazing amounts of time, energy, and money trying to keep themselves looking young and sexy. Many manage to do so simply by keeping active, eating right, and practicing good skin care. … Continue reading

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Never Leave the Playground – Play Keeps You Young

Recently I came across some videos from Stephen Jepson on YouTube.  Intrigued, I visited his website to learn more about his philosophy. Stephen believes that the key to feeling, looking, and thinking young is to never stop playing. At age … Continue reading

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Why Walking?

It has been suggested that walking is the best activity to start an anti-aging exercise regimen. Why is this? There are many physical activities you can choose from.  But did you know that walking has the lowest dropout rate? It’s … Continue reading

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Get Active, Stay Active

Yes, it is possible to look and feel years younger! But like anything, it’s going to require some effort on your part. Serious effort. The first rule to get years younger is simple: GET ACTIVE and STAY ACTIVE!

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