The Cure For Cracked Heels!

I had about given up and decided it was just something I had to live with – then I saw something on the local news about something called “Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation For Feet peel “. The reporter raved about it. It’s a pair of “socks” that are filled with slimy gel. You soak your feet then wear the booties for an hour and over the next few days, (MAGIC!) the skin softens and peels off.

I searched all my local stores, but couldn’t find the product anywhere. I finally found them on Amazon for $18. Kind of steep for a one use item, but I needed to do something about my cracked heels. And the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Being a Amazon Prime member, it arrived 2 days later. I read the instructions for Baby Foot:

cracked heels relief instructions

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So I followed the instructions hopefully. Immediately after, my feet felt smoother.

Would it work as promised on my cracked heels?

Sure enough, within a few days, the dead skin on my feet began to peel away! Yes, my feet looked and felt great when it was all done in about 2 weeks.

BUT my next question…

How long would it take for my heels to become calloused and cracked again? Would I need to do this again every month, every two months? Six months? I searched the reviews, and could find no answer. I knew my feet wouldn’t stay soft forever without some sort of regular maintenance. I knew I didn’t want to spend $18 every month or so to do it again.

The solution?

The solution is in the ingredients list:
81OVNW0t6vL._SL1500_Basically, what we’re looking for here are exfoliants –

Medical Definition of exfoliant. : a mechanical or chemical agent (as an abrasive skin wash or salicylic acid) that is applied to the skin to remove dead cells from the surface—called also exfoliator.
Salicylic acid stood right out. Sure, there are others listed – lactic acid and glycolic acid. But salicylic acid is very safe in low concentrations and commonly used as a treatment for psoriasis and dandruff. So a quick search came up with several cremes for psoriasis that contain about 2% salicylic acid. The least expensive of these (about $7 for 4 oz), and easily available, is Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Skin Treatment.  So about 2 months after using the Baby Feet “booties”, I applied the cream to my feet and wrapped them in gallon size plastic bags and put on a pair of socks. I removed the socks after 2 hours and – viola – I had soft feet!
I have also found 1-ounce tubes of 2% salicylic acid cream at some dollar stores, and they work fine, too. I’ve also continued to use a pumice stone as needed. Those other foot creams and lotions that I used before? Yea, I still use them, at least until they’re all gone. But I find that any plain lotion or cream will work.
No more expensive and useless cracked heel lotions for me!

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Boomer has been researching anti-aging methods ever since his daughter’s teacher uttered the words, “…And you must be the GRANDFATHER!”

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