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Get Years Younger Information Welcome to Get Years Younger – where our goal is to help you look and feel years younger. We provide tips, tricks, techniques, and information that will help you to slow down, and often reverse, the aging process. I started this blog to share my research into holding back or even reversing the aging process. Information provided is informational, and should not constitute medical advice. Please refer to our legal notices and disclaimers.

Who Are We?

We at are baby boomers, both men and women, who thought we’d never get old. We’ve noticed that the people we see in the mirror don’t match our self images. We still see ourselves as the twenty somethings we feel we are inside. And we’ve taken steps to combat the gradual decline. Thankfully, we’ve discovered that much can be done to make our outside appearance match our inner selves. And no, most of what can be done doesn’t involve plastic surgery, supplements, potions or lotions. There is no magic pill that works overnight. It’s going to take some basic but important changes in your lifestyle. It’s going to take some work on your part. Hey, it took lots of years for you to get old. You really can’t expect to get years younger overnight!

Where do we find our information?

A lot of our information originates with current research. We track news from government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, and the USDA. We search leading health care providers and distillĀ  quality information from trusted leading publications. But most important, we share with you what has worked for us!