Fight the Aging Effects of Pollution

Fight the Aging Effects of PollutionThe skin’s outer layers are intended to keep contamination out, yet sadly, it is not totally impervious to pollutants. Particles are retained into the skin regularly, helping untimely aging. There are, however, ways to fight the aging effects of pollution

Ground-level ozone is a gas made when discharges from autos and plants join with daylight. The ensuing particle is exceedingly invasive and causes free radicals to restructure and can harm the lipids and proteins of the skin. The other principle contamination source is dirt particles, which sit on the surface of the skin and cause irritation. Continue reading

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Stop Eating Crap!

Eating Younger

There’s a lot of discussion about what things you should eat, and what food you should avoid. But doesn’t it seem as if the list of “good” and “bad” foods changes every few days? What are we supposed to believe? And after we eliminate all the “bad” foods, what the hell can we eat? Are we relegated to eating food that tastes like cardboard if we want to avoid premature aging and even an early death?

The second rule you need to follow to Get Years Younger is: Continue reading

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“Hey! You! Get Off of My lawn!” (Don’t Act Old)

Don't act oldDon’t act old if you don’t want to get old.

“Hey! you! Get off of my lawn!”
(No, it’s not the title of a Rolling Stones song!)

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. When you were a kid. I did, and I remember it well. Our “Grumpy Old Man” lived 2 doors down. We called him “Old Man Moss”. We didn’t know anything about him, except that he lived with his adult son, and had no wife. And he was OLD. And GRUMPY. The only words he ever spoke to us were “You kids get the hell off my lawn!”. And us kids made a game of it: “I dare you to step on Old Man Moss’ grass!” Continue reading

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Please Consult With Your Doctor

doctor“Please Consult With Your Physician”.

We’ve all seen this advice to see your doctor, mostly in advertising for one of the plethora of cure-all wonder drugs from our wonderful Pharmaceutical companies.

But did you know that you should consult with your doctor before you make any major lifestyle change? Be it a change in diet, an increase in physical activity, quitting cigarettes, or laying off the booze. Make an appointment with your physician or other health care provider is good advice. Just call up and make an appointment for your annual physical exam if it’s been over a year. And it won’t cost you anything if you have health insurance. Continue reading

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Get Active, Stay Active

Get Active: WalkYes, it is possible to look and feel years younger! But like anything, it’s going to require some effort on your part. Serious effort. The first rule to get years younger is simple:


Continue reading

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