Sexy Over 50: Women Who Are Sexy and Older Than Fifty

Sexy over 50

Marie Osmond: Age 55

Can women still look sexy over 50?

Women spend amazing amounts of time, energy, and money trying to keep themselves looking young and sexy. Many manage to do so simply by keeping active, eating right, and practicing good skin care. Others take a more radical approach with Botox and cosmetic surgeries. We’re not here to disparage those women who take a surgical approach to anti-aging. However, the cost of face-lifts, tummy tucks, and injections is beyond the budget of most women – and men. Diet, exercise, and skin care are far more effective, and cost-effective, ways to keep themselves looking sexy as they age. This is the approach that many of the most beautiful women in the world take to staying sexy over 50. For most of them, cosmetic surgery is viewed as a “last resort”. So who are these women?

Fifty Three Women Who Are Sexy Over 50

53 Sexiest Women Over 50

Can you believe Christie Brinkley is 60? Marie Osmond is 55, and Valerie Bertinelli is 53! So how do they do it? Eating well, staying fit, taking care of their skin, and keeping their minds engaged!

Women should eat low-fat proteins, whole grains and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Women over 50 in particular need to maintain adequate levels of calcium. Maintain a healthy body by walking, yoga, swimming and other low-impact exercises. Follow a proper skin care regimen, keep out of direct sun and use sunblock. Keep your brain engaged by being involved in social activities and playing games.

In our next post, we’ll look at some men in their forties and beyond who still look pretty darn good!

“Valerie Bertinelli’s struggles with weight loss are accounts that a majority of Americans should be able to identify with…”

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Boomer has been researching anti-aging methods ever since his daughter's teacher uttered the words, "...And you must be the GRANDFATHER!"

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Boomer has been researching anti-aging methods ever since his daughter’s teacher uttered the words, “…And you must be the GRANDFATHER!”

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